Terms & Conditions


1.1 In this document Focus Optical Laboratories Ltd is referred to as the "Supplier"; the individual firm or company with whom the Supplier contracts to sell the material goods and services to is referred to as the "Customer".

1.2 All prices exclude VAT and are a per lens price unless otherwise shown. Prices can be altered at any time prior to dispatch.

1.3 The Supplier will not be held responsible for any losses to the Customer due to any errors in descriptions or illustrations in the Supplier’s catalogue, price lists or advertisements.

1.4 The Customer will be charged for any losses incurred by the Supplier for the cancellation of an order by the Customer.

1.5 All price queries must be requested within thirty days of dispatch of goods.

1.6 Our price list is intended to be used as a guide. Focus Optical Laboratories reserves the right to alter any prices at any time without advance notification.

1.7 These terms and conditions may be altered at any time without prior notice.

1.8 The Supplier reserves the right to decline orders at their discretion.

1.9 Upon placing an order the Customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions in their entirety.


2.1 The Supplier shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred to goods sent by the Customer i.e. frames, cases and own lenses. This includes damage during glazing, tinting, coating or coating removal. All losses shall be met by the Customer.

2.2 The Supplier recommends 1.53 (Trivex), 1.6 and 1.67 plastic as suitable materials for rimless glazing. A limited warranty of ninety days or less will accompany any other materials.

2.3a All tinted lenses provided by the Supplier that are 25% LTF or darker will have a UV coating added and charged to the customer. The Supplier tint grades are in increments of 5% only.

2.3b The Supplier will endeavour to supply the closest colour match on lenses where a colour matched tint has been requested; however, the Customer accepts that identical matches are not possible and that the suitability of the tint is at the discretion of the Supplier. All lenses supplied will be charged for in full.

2.4 When the Supplier provides lenses of different indexes no guarantee is given that the tint or coating shall match.

2.5 The Customer is to accept that as a bi-product of tinting glass lenses, a blue haze may occur on the tinted lens.

2.6 All preordered lenses will be held for one month then sent and charged to the Customer as uncut lenses.

2.7 Unless the customer requests a lens size, the Supplier reserves the right to determine the necessary lens size to meet the appropriate BS/ISO standard.

2.8 The Supplier shall work to the tolerances laid down by the relevant BS/ISO standard.

2.9 All fitting height measurements are taken from the inside of the lower rim, unless specified above or below horizontal centre line.

Focus Classic Guarantee

3.1 The Focus Classic Guarantee starts the day the order is received, but only includes FULL working days. For example, if goods are received on a Monday, they must be dispatched by the end of the day on Friday, otherwise there will be no charge unless any of the other conditions apply.

3.2 Public holidays, weekend days and any days when the customer is not open to the public do not count towards the Focus Classic Range four day dispatch guarantee.

3.3 Tinted orders are not included in the Focus Classic Guarantee.

3.4 If delivery to the customer is not on a daily basis, and the last day covered within the guarantee is not on a delivery day, then we will take the the next day of delivery as the final deadline for dispatch.

3.5 Focus Optical Laboratories Ltd reserves the right to charge for any example which falls outside any of these categories.

3.6 Focus Optical Laboratories Ltd reserves the right to alter or withdraw the Focus Classic Guarantee at any time without prior given notice.

3.7 Customers with accounts on hold are not eligible for the Focus Classic Guarantee.

3.8 Days on which delivery is not possible due to extreme weather conditions do not count towards the four day guarantee.

3.9 If a frame or any component part(s) need to be replaced for any reason, the four day guarantee will start from the day the replacement frame or part(s) are received.


4.1 The Supplier will aim to meet delivery dates quoted, but this is not guaranteed in any way. The Supplier shall not be liable for any loss, including consequential loss or damages resulting from such delays.

4.2 After dispatch to the Customer, should any goods or any part thereof receive damage or is lost while in the custody of a carrier, the Supplier will, at it’s sole opinion, either replace such goods or part thereof, or refund to the Customer the cost or price of the same.

4.3 On receipt of goods the Customer must inform the Supplier of any damage or losses in transit within three working days.

4.4 Damaged or faulty goods must be returned to the Supplier within one week for a credit to be valid.

4.5 The title of the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until all sums due or owing by the Buyer to the Supplier on any account whatsoever, (including the contract for the supply of the Goods), have been paid in full.

4.6 The Supplier shall be entitled to make an additional charge for delivery.


5.1 The following are carried out at the Customer’s own risk:

  1. Reglazing of customer’s own frames.
  2. Coating or tinting of customer’s own lenses.
  3. Removing or stripping any tints or coatings.
  4. Re-edging of customer’s own lenses.

5.2 The Supplier accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of frame cases or edged lenses sent with orders and any sent are at the Customer’s own risk.

5.3 In the event that a patients' own frame is rendered unglazeable during the glazing process and the Customer is unable to supply an identical replacement frame, thus the lenses glazed by the Supplier are no longer suitable, the Supplier accepts no liability for the provision of replacement lenses; furthermore, existing lenses will be charged for in full, irrespective of requested cancellation of services. The Supplier will attempt to redeem glazed lenses and glaze them into the replacement frame but accepts no liability should this not be possible.

5.4 For coatings that are applied after the manufacture of a lens, no warranty is offered. This includes lenses that have the existing coating stripped then reapplied. In the event of a coating fault on lenses manufactured with a coating and supplied by the Supplier, and therefore are under warranty, the coating on the replacement lenses is warrantied for two years from the date of the original order.


6.1 Payment for the Goods shall be made in full within twenty five days of the month in which the Goods are invoiced by the Supplier without deduction or set off.

6.2 The Supplier shall have the right to claim and be paid interest at the rate of five percent per annum above the Bank Rate of the Bank Of England, calculated on a day-to-day basis, on all sums due to the Supplier and unpaid for the period from the date upon which payment is due, until the date upon which payment is made, both before and after any judgement, but nothing herein shall entitle the Customer to withhold or delay any payment due to the Supplier after the date upon which it falls due, or in any way prejudice of effect the Supplier’s rights in relation to the said non-payment.

6.3 Should the Buyer fail to make payment by the due date or when required, the Supplier reserves the right to cancel this contract between Buyer and Supplier and to suspend delivery until payment shall have been made.

6.4 We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank Of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to our credit terms.

Defective Goods

7.1 Unless otherwise detailed in the Supplier’s literature, all goods and services are warranted for a period of two years from the dispatch date against defective material or workmanship. The Supplier shall at its opinion replace or refund to the Customer the price of the goods and in no circumstances will liability exceed the cost of replacement or the price paid by the Customer of the goods.

7.2 The liability of the Supplier shall only apply to defects that appear under proper use and, in particular, shall not apply to defects that arise from the Patients neglect, misuse or from normal wear and tear.

7.3 Any Goods returned to the Supplier and replaced by the Supplier shall be the property of the Supplier.

7.4 Complaints by the Customer in respect of the Goods alleged to be defective on arrival, shall be made within seven days of receipt and shall not entitle the Buyer to withhold or set off payments due to the Supplier.

Non Tolerance

8.1 All varifocal lenses come with a three month manufacturer’s non tolerance period. Should the Patient not tolerate the lenses in that period and they have not incurred defects, the Supplier shall return them to the manufacturer on behalf of the Customer. A credit shall be raised for the lens value only to the Customer on receipt of credit by the Supplier.

8.2 Bifocal and single vision lenses do not qualify for a non tolerance guarantee.