Click below for more information. Please note we are also able to supply branded lenses by BBGR, Carl Zeiss Vision, Essilor, Hoya, Kodak, Nikon, Rodenstock, Seiko, Shamir and Tokai.

DEFINE - Exclusive Range Varifocal

Our flagship lens, Define, combines the most sophisticated Camber technology with a modern freeform progressive lens design. This incorporates a flatter base curve for distance vision and a variable base curve throughout the lens, the front surface utilises a new concept which involves the 'stacking of different spheres' to maximise optical accuracy and aesthetics.

Patient benefits

  • Superior visual acuity with even clearer vision in reading area
  • Full individualisation with customised measurements
  • Very easy to adapt to
  • Low swim
  • Minimal distortion

Camber technology combines complex variable curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide exceptional clarity to the wearer's vision. The result is a continuously changing curvature between the front and rear surfaces expanding the reading zone and vastly improving peripheral vision. The technology fine tunes or compensates the supplied RX to give optimum performance at the patient's unique position of wear. When wearing Define lenses, the wearer also benefits from superior near vision performance and better cosmetic appearance.

The RX design computation is further enhanced by a complete set of individualisation parameters that take into consideration the unique attributes of the frame and the preferences of the wearer. The result is a finished lens that is comprehensively customised for each individual patient.

Available Range

Add 0.50 - 4.50, inset 0 - 4mm, heights suitable from 14mm

1.5 CR39 Hard+64-11
1.5 Transitions+64-11
1.5 Polarised+64-11
1.53 Trivex+64-10
1.53 Trivex Trans VII+64-10
1.6 Hi Index+74-11
1.6 Transitions VII+74-11
1.6 Polarised+74-11
1.67 Hi Index+75-11
1.67 Transitions VII+74-11
1.67 Polarised+75-11


Integrity is an extremely well balanced and versatile progressive design - the result of extraordinary optical architecture that eliminates abberations to improve peripheral vision. The lens has been designed using modern freeform progressive lens technology. The wearer experiences a combination fo quality and comfort - developed to provide superior performance at any distance.
It is available in two dispensing options.

Patient benefits

  • Soft design
  • Ideal for new wearers
  • Very easy to adapt to
  • Low swim
  • Minimal distortion
  • Harder design
  • Suitable for demanding progressive wearers
  • Excellent clarity of vision
  • Extensive field of view
  • Wide corridor

Both options include four corridor types and can be fit from 14mm above lower rim. We will select the correct corridor for you and supply accordingly.
The Integrity lens comes with a 60-day non tolerance guarantee.

Available Range

Add 0.75 - 3.50, heights suitable from 14mm

1.5 CR39 Hard+96-10
1.5 Transitions VII / Xtractive+66-10
1.5 Polarised+76-9
1.5 Drivewear+66-8
1.53 Trivex+76-10
1.53 Trivex Trans VII / Xtractive+76-9
1.6 Hi Index+76-10
1.6 Trans VII / Xtractive+76-10
1.6 Polarised+86-6
1.67 Hi Index+106-12
1.67 Trans VII Xtractive+86-12
1.67 Polarised+86-9
1.74 Hi Index+96-17
1.74 Transitions VII+106-15

Odyssey - Premium Range Varifocal

Being digitally surfaced, the Odyssey digital varifocal lens has a far higher accuracy of prescription than traditionally made lenses. Not only is the prescription accurate to within 0.01 dioptre, but the advanced surfacing methods used to create an Odyssey lens offer a more precise curve than traditional surfacing methods.

A customised surface design allows for greatly reduced distortion by tailoring to the differences between the eyes. Most of the surface astigmatism is pushed into areas of the lens that will be edged away, providing the patient a lens with the largest possible area of clear vision.

Patient benefits

  • 2 corridor lengths fit the vast majority of frames
  • Wider field of vision
  • Smoother transition between zones
  • Reduced swim effect due to higher accuracy of prescription
  • Faster patient adaption

The Odyssey is as simple to dispense as traditional varifocal lenses - there are no complicated measurements to be taken. All that we require are the patients' monocular PDs, heights and a frame or lens trace. The Odyssey is available in 3 corridor lengths that have minimum fitting heights of 14, 16 and 18mm. We will automatically select the optimal corridor based on the information you supply, but if you prefer, you may specify which corridor you wish to use.

Every Odyssey lens comes with a 60-day non tolerance guarantee.

Available Range

Add 0.75 - 3.50, heights suitable from 14mm

1.5 CR39 Hard+84-10
1.5 Transitions+64-9
1.5 Polarised+64-5
1.5 Drivewear+64-8
1.53 Trivex+64-9
1.53 Trivex Trans VII+64-8
1.6 Hi Index+74-11
1.6 Transitions VII+74-11
1.6 Polarised+74-9
1.67 Hi Index+105-11
1.67 Transitions VII+85-11
1.74 Hi Index+115-13

New Origin - Basic Range Varifocal

New Origin is a digitally surfaced progressive that is ideal for customers with a limited budget available or first time wearers. It is available in 2 corridor lengths that are designed to be fit from 14mm and 18mm.

Patient benefits

  • Simple to dispense - no extra measurements needed
  • Lower priced
  • Soft design ensures limited swim and distortion
  • Fast patient adaptation

Every New Origin lens comes with a 60-day non tolerance guarantee.

Available Range

Add 1.00 - 3.50, heights suitable from 14mm

1.5 CR39 uncoated+64-8
1.5 CR39 hard+64-8
1.5 Transitions VI+64-8
1.56 Photomatic+64-6
1.5 Polarised+64-8
1.6 Hi Index+74-11
1.6 Transitions VII+74-11
1.67 Hi Index+84-11
1.67 Transitions VII+84-11
1.74 Hi Index+84-11

Enhance - Room Degressive

Use of office lenses at a variety of ranges

Focus Enhance - An office lens with 3 variable depth of field options for room environment - 1.3m, 2m and 4m.

  • Quick and easy to get used to with sharp, comfortable vision and a greater depth of field
  • Superior comfort of vision with minimal eye fatigue and virtually free of distortion and swaying of objects
  • Near vision is achieved with a very short and natural eye movement
  • Intermediate vision is achieved directly in the normal position
  • Activities that require alternating between near and intermediate vision are much more comfortable and less strenuous
  • It eliminates most of the limitations that are associated with wearing other glasses
  • Available in 3 types with varying depth of field

Vision suitable for distance/rangeFrom 0.33m to either 1.3m, 2m or 4m
Minimum recommended heights20mm
Minimum recommended distance above fitting cross8mm
Addition+0.75 to +3.50
CentrationCross on centre of pupil at distance PD (as varifocal)
SuitabilityLenses suitable for office environment
Not to be used for driving

Transitions available on request / POA.

Other notes about dispensing / tips - Consider that the deeper the field of distance vision, the greater the compromise of lens area in near vision. The lens will perform better at close and intermediate range with reduced distance options.

Ordering information

  • Full RX with addition
  • Mono PDs
  • Pupil hieghts as varifocal
  • Specify field depth required

    • Available range

      Field Depth 1.3m, 2m and 4m available

      1.5 CR39 Uncoated+96-10
      1.5 CR39 Hard+96-10
      1.5 Transitions VI+76-6
      1.53 Trivex+76-10
      1.6 Hi Index+76-10
      1.6 Transitions VII+76-6
      1.67 Hi Index+76-10

Office - Basic Degressive

Focus Office - A reliable office lens with variable degression options.

  • Degression available from 0.25 to 1.75 (in 0.25 steps)
  • High quality and affordable office degressive
  • Available in Transitions

Ordering information

  • Near RX
  • Specify required degression (0.25 - 1.75)
  • Measure to distance PDs

Available range

Degression from 0.25 - 1.75 as required

1.5 CR39 Uncoated+64-6
1.5 CR39 Hard+64-6
1.5 Transitions VI+64-8
1.53 Trivex+64-6
1.56 Photochromic+44-4
1.6 Hi Index+54-6
1.6 Transitions VII+64-6
1.67 Hi Index+64-6
1.67 Transitions VII+64-6
1.74 Hi Index+64-6

Classic - Stock Range SV

The Focus Classic Range is a great value service aimed at customers requiring basic single vision lenses at low cost.

Available range

1.55 PhotoHardcoat65/70+4.002.00-4.00
1.67 ASMAR65/75+6.004.00-10.00
1.74 ASSupreme65/75-2.004.00-13.00

All frame types are catered for in the Focus Classic Range, divided into full-frame, nylon supra and rimless categories, with a separate glazing charge for each. On our pricelist, the glazing charges are listed next to the lens types so you can easily calculate the cost of each job. Furthermore, if the completed job isn't dispatched within four days, it's free! If you do not have a pricelist, please contact us.

Certain restrictions apply. Please see the full terms and conditions here.

Focus Branded SV

In addition to the Focus Classic Range we also provide premium stock lenses under our own brand, which are available with the same coatings as our flagship varifocals.

1.5 CR39MAX65/70+4.002.00-4.00
MAX UV65/70+4.002.00-4.00
Blue Resist65/70+4.002.00-4.00
MAX UV65/75+4.002.00-6.00
Blue Resist65/75+4.002.00-6.00
1.67 ASMAX65/75+6.002.00-10.00
MAX UV65/75+6.002.00-10.00

Ultimate - Digital RX Range SV

Lens Features

Visual acuity

Utilising the latest in back surface freeform technology, the Ultimate single vision lens provides superior prescription accuracy not only at the optical center, but across the entire lens.

Thinner & flatter

Ultimate single vision lens is up to 12% thinner and 20% flatter than conventional single vision lenses, offering patients a lighter, more aesthetically pleasing pair of spectacles.

Supreme MAR

The Supreme is an oleophobic MAR coat that is resistant to grease and dirt whilst being easy to clean, meaning that lenses treated with it stay cleaner for longer, reducing the chance of scratches appearing. Every lens with a Supreme coating comes with an industry-standard 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Patient benefits

  • Edge to edge clarity
  • Increased prescription accuracy – sharp, clear vision
  • Reduced 'visual noise' – especially those with high power prescriptions
  • Flatter
  • Thinner
  • Lighter


Dispensing an Ultimate lens is simple - all that is needed are the monocular PDs and fitting heights.

Available Range

All lenses available with hardcoat, Sharp (standard MAR) or Supreme (Oleophobic MAR). Uncoated only available on standard 1.5 lenses.

Transitions available in Grey, Brown, Green and XTRActive Grey.

1.50 -10.00 4.00 +8.00
1.50 Polarised -5.00 4.00 +6.25
1.50 Transitions -9.00 4.00 +6.00
1.50 DriveWear -8.00 4.00 +6.25
1.53 Trivex -9.50 4.00 +6.00
1.53 Trivex Transitions -8.50 4.00 +6.00
1.60 -11.00 4.00 +7.25
1.60 Polarised -9.00 4.00 +7.50
1.60 Transitions -11.00 4.00 +7.25
1.67 -11.00 5.00 +10.00
1.67 Transitions -11.00 5.00 +8.00
1.74 -13.00 5.00 +11.00

Surfaced SV

Our standard surfaced single vision lenses are available in a wide range of materials and powers. Coatings listed in the table below are included with the lens as standard, but all lenses can be upgraded to various MAR coatings upon request.

Available range

1.5 CR39Uncoated+10.004.00-10.00
1.5 CR39 Transitions VIIHardcoat+7.004.00-10.00
1.5 PolarisedHardcoat+6.004.00-8.00
1.5 DrivewearHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.53 TrivexHardcoat+7.004.00-6.00
1.53 Trivex Transitions VIIHardcoat+7.004.00-10.00
1.55 PhotochromicHardcoat+7.004.00-8.00
1.59 PolyHardcoat+7.004.00-6.00
1.59 Poly Transitions VIIHardcoat+6.004.00-10.00
1.6 Hi IndexHardcoat+8.004.00-8.00
1.6 Hi Index Transitions VIIHardcoat+8.004.00-10.00
1.6 Hi Index PolarisedHardcoat+7.504.00-8.00
1.67 AsphericHardcoat+8.004.00-10.00
1.67 Aspheric Transitions VIIHardcoat+8.004.00-10.00
1.67 Aspheric PolarisedHardcoat+8.004.00-10.00
1.74 AsphericHardcoat+10.004.00-14.00
1.74 Aspheric Transitions VIIHardcoat+8.004.00-10.00


Our bifocals are available in a wide range of seg styles, materials and powers. Coatings listed in the table below are included with the lens as standard, but all lenses can be upgraded to various MAR coatings upon request.

Available range

Seg TypeMaterialCoatingSphCylSph
D251.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
D281.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
1.5 CR39 TransitionsHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.5 CR39 PolarisedHardcoat+5.004.00-6.00
1.53 TrivexHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.53 Trivex TransitionsHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.55 Hi Index SunsensorHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.55 Hi Index PhotochromicHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.59 PolyHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.59 Poly Life RxHardcoat+5.004.00-6.00
1.6 Hi IndexHardcoat+7.004.00-7.00
1.67 Hi IndexHardcoat+6.004.00-15.00
D351.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
1.5 CR39 TransitionsHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.5 CR39 PolarisedHardcoat+5.504.00-6.00
1.59 PolyHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
1.6 Hi IndexHardcoat+6.004.00-6.00
D451.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
C281.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
1.6 Hi IndexHardcoat+6.004.00-7.00
1.67 Hi IndexHardcoat+6.004.00-15.00
1.74 Hi IndexHardcoat+8.004.00-12.00
R221.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
R241.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
1.5 CR39 TransitionsHardcoat+5.504.00-6.00
R281.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
R381.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
R451.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00
E Line / 68mm1.5 CR39Uncoated+6.004.00-6.00

Lens Markings

New Origin

Temporal Engraving
CorridorMin HeightNasal Engraving1.51.531.561.61.671.74

Integrity Entry

Temporal Engraving
CorridorMin HeightNasal Engraving1.51.531.561.61.671.74

Integrity Experience

Temporal Engraving
CorridorMin HeightNasal Engraving1.51.531.561.61.671.74


Temporal Engraving
CorridorMin HeightNasal Engraving1.51.531.561.61.671.74


Temporal Engraving
CorridorMin HeightNasal Engraving1.51.531.561.61.671.74


We offer several options of coating, each with their own unique qualities and benefits.


High quality AR with a hydrophobic layer at an affordable price


High quality AR with a super hydrophobic layer providing extreme repulsion of dust, moisture and oils (oleophobic)


Superior quality AR with excellent anti scratch, anti static and UV protection properties. Includes a 2 year anti scratch guarantee (no questions) and an E-SPF of 5


Offers all the benefits of MAX but also includes UV protection on the rear layer. This protects the wearer's eyes from UV bouncing off the back surface and has an E-SPF of 25, offering 25 times more protection than with no coating

Blue Resist

Reflects and filters blue light emissions from VUDs, tablets, mobiles and TVs 5 times better than convential AR coatings, with the added benefit of an E-SPF of 25

Lens TypeSharpSupremeMAXMAX UVBlue ResistEXPRESS SERVICE
SV RX Ultimate
New Origin

Anti-reflective Coating (AR)

All coatings are applied to the lens surface to reduce reflection, improving vision by allowing more light to transmit through the lens. They comprise of several adhesive and reflective layers combined together so that the wearer perceives clearer vision and reduce reflection. Benefits are maximised with night vision and VDU or tablet use.

Benefits of AR coatings and hydrophobic layers

All coatings include a 2 year warranty against manufacturer faults and breakdowns. In addition to this, MAX and MAX UV include a 'no questions' 2 year anti scratch guarantee.